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Advice, Inspiration & Training from Working Creative Professionals on all aspects of  the Creative Industry from Pre-Production to Post to Growing Your Career and Business.   Learn from working Editors, Photographers, Sound Designers, Colorists, Producers, Directors and more to not only learn the basic skills, but real-world, insider knowledge on getting the right job and then building your career in the Film, Television and Creative Media Industry. What you absolutely will NOT find on this site is a “professional trainer” who does little more than read a manual and then regurgitate back to you and call it training.   That’s a nice way to learn how to push the buttons according to the way the manufacturer wants you to push buttons and that’s good basic knowledge.  But oftentimes in practical experience, what sounds good in a lab and to a manual writer is very inefficient for the end user.  You learn that through experience and workflow practices you can only get from working creative professionals.  In fact these folks have to carve time out their schedules just to create the modules you see here on We will get into the craft of all aspects of Production and Business WALTERBISCARDI.COM MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS OR ENDORSEMENTS OF ANY KIND, OR AS TO THE OPERATION OF THIS WEBSITE OR THE INFORMATION, CONTENT, MATERIALS, OR PRODUCTS INCLUDED ON THIS WEBSITE. Read the full privacy policy at