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Vive Church

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Vive Church is a multi-campus church based in Columbia, SC whose missions is to "Bring People to Life". Vive is a very modern and contemporary church that has practical and real life teaching. Randy Knechtel is the founding and Lead Pastor of VIVE Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Randy is a gifted communicator and teacher driven by his desire to introduce people to the life-changing message of Jesus. Randy & Robin along with an awesome staff, and a dedicated leadership team are committed to make VIVE Church a vibrant church with a refreshing application of faith and culture. We are Attractional: Utilizing our location, facility, technology, resources and creativity we will develop a message and programs that connect with people and assists in connecting them with God. We are Relational: We are intentional about connecting with people in genuine life giving relationships, where a sense of community, a place to belong permeates every gathering. The goal is biblical fellowship where each person feels valued and cared for. We are Missional: by understanding our culture and connecting with people who need Jesus. We don’t wait for them to come, we “GO” to where the people are. We lay aside the trappings of our sub culture group of Christianity and we “incarnate culture” we “learn so that we can lead”. In one closed hand we hold the unchanging truths of our theology and in the other open hand we hold the many cultural ways of showing and speaking Christian truth.