Developer : Wildd Technologies

True Screensaver

Roku application

True Screensaver is designed to maximize the possibility of preventing burn-in on plasma and other screens that are susceptible to burn-in. True Screensaver does not display any text or images, only constantly changing random colors or gray shades. All pixels are constantly changing, greatly reducing the risk of any type of burn-in. Burn-in is caused by text or graphic images that stay in the same place for a long period of time. However, even images that move around to different parts of the screen have been known to cause burn-in in some circumstances. Also, many screensavers that use moving images actually have some areas that never change for long periods of time, which can also cause burn-in. While no screensaver can guarantee against burn-in, True Screensaver constantly changes the color of each pixel on the screen, greatly reducing the risk of burn-in.