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Today with Marilyn and Sarah

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Marilyn Hickey Ministries is sending a clear message of love, hope and healing to people around the world through Bible teaching, international healing meetings, group ministry tours, pastors and leaders conferences, humanitarian efforts, and the daily television program, Today with Marilyn and Sarah. Encouragingoptimisticalways upbeat and energeticat 86, Marilyn Hickey is still going strong. In recent years, she ministered in Sudan, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, India, China and Pakistan. All this is in addition to traveling to cities across the United States for Bible Encounters, speaking engagements, and miracle breakfasts. Marilyn has had audiences with government leaders and heads of state all over the world. She is the first woman to join the Board of Directors of the largest church in the world, Dr. David Yonggis Church, Growth International. Whether Marilyn and Sarah are traveling domestically or internationally, they are seeing lives literally changed by God and His Word. Live the Bible. Experience the Miracles.