Developer : The Pottery Channel


Roku application

The Pottery Channel (TPC) is an information streaming television network, using Roku streaming technology. We produce and direct the shows in our studio located in the beautiful city of Asheboro, North Carolina. Filming of your pottery and other art works can be filmed on location, or in our studios. TPC is ready to display your craftsmanship to over 8 million homes and viewers via Roku TV. Our channel showcases your products to the viewer. Each product that is presented on the show has a product number and the viewer contacts your business and orders the product directly from you. There are no middle man costs that you incur since you deal directly with the viewer. If you're not a potter and just own a shop with pottery, that's OK. We will feature your shop as well. TPC is one of your most cost effective sources to generate revenue from your products, showcasing your talent and workmanship. Production packages are available for every budget; we will work with you. We are dedicated to producing a quality and professional presentation to reach over 8 million potential customers. Our company deals with one common core, "It's about you the client". As part of becoming a member of The Pottery Channel, each client such as potters and shops will be highlighted. Our production team can visit you and film a segment named "Meet the Potter". This gives your potential customers an opportunity to learn more about their favorite artist and pottery.