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The World of Tarzan

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Subscribe the channel and open 12 chapters of the wildest and fascinating adventures of the legendary Tarzan starring Herman Brix. This serial was produced in 1935 in America. The original story was re-written for this script but the main elements remained unchanged. Lets unleash some elements of this beautiful story. Tarzan and his friends arrived in Guatemala to seek the unique and rather dangerous ancient idol called The Green Goddess and to rescue another Tarzans friend DArnot who was captured by the local aborigines. The idol conceals an important explosive formula which can produce an impressive blast and cause irreversible damage. Thus, our brave ones must do their best to not let Raglan steal and take away the artifact. Apart from the sacred formula, the idol is extremely wanted as it contains precious jewels that worth a fortune. Incredible adventures, heroic feats and the vast of mysteries hidden in the impassible jungles. Visit the channel to catch each part of Tarzans saga. Immerse yourself into this exotic storyline and travel alongside with courageous heroes.