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The Weirdness Really Bad Movie

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The Weirdness Really Bad Movie is 120 minutes of your life that you can never have back. This FREE channel hosts public domain movies, providing facts about the movie and inserting original comedy sketches that are for the whole family. The Weirdness Really Bad Movie was inspired by a previous show with a similar format that aired in Northeast Ohio, written by Big Chuck Schodowski. After 47 years Big Chuck retired from the weekly broadcasting in 2007. In 2009, Northeast Ohio resident David Binkley who had had written and produced programs for an Akron, Ohio Radio Reading Service for the blind began exploring the possibility of hosting public domain movies with original comedy sketches - much in the manner that Big Chuck did. David sought the help of friends, who were Radio Reading volunteers, to help host the movies and act in the comedy sketches. One difference between this and other movie hosting programs is that the Weirdness Really Bad Movie does not have a studio to work in. Each movie is hosted from a different location - sometimes the movie is selected to fit in with the location. The Weirdness Really Bad Movie has been hosted from fun locations including a furniture store, a restaurant, an auto body shop, and a row boat on a lake. It also has been hosted in historical locations including The McKinley Monument, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens , and the former Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield.