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The Three Muskateers Vids

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Do you crave a mind-bending journey across the faraway lands? Are you lured by the spectacular views and the solemnity of nature? Then let us take you to a distant yet astonishing Arab country in a good company of three brave hearts from the French Foreign Legion. Clancy, Schmidt, and Renard managed to survive a severe attack by the Arabian forces. By the mercy of an American pilot Tom Wayne, the three legionnaires are saved from death. Onwards and upwards, someone named El Shaitan a mysterious man in the mask plans a revolt against the Legion. Meanwhile, Wayne is accused of killing his friend Armand Cordey and takes numerous attempts to vindicate himself and guess out who is hiding behind the mask of El Shaitan. Schmidt, Clancy, and Renard adopt the motto of The Three Muskateers and peg Wayne as their D'Artagnan. This 12-chapter serial by Mascot Pictures is full of thriller, action, and adventure elements. It will be a great addition to any movie night, so dont be shy and go to The Three Muskateers Vids! Its a free channel you can access whenever and wherever you are. Click that Play button to start your black-and-white journey!