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The Phantom Serial

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Rejoice, the lost worlds explorers! This time, the fate brings you to the African savannah that hides the mysterious Lost City of Zoloz. Join the expedition of Professor Davidson and his niece Diana Palmer by watching the 15-chapter serial by Columbia Pictures, The Phantom. This journey is choke-full of danger and breath-holding moments; how much are you excited about that on a scale of 1 to 10? We bet, youre a full 10! As the narration goes, you will find out that the location of the Lost City is contained on 7 pieces of ivory, 3 of which are already in the possession of Professor Davidson. The remaining 3 pieces are owned by a villain Singapore Smith, while the last one is missing and nobody knows where it is. But the situation is not all roses; Davidsons rival, Doctor Bremmer, wants to one-up their expedition and be the first to find the city of Zoloz. Nothing can stop him from bringing that plan into being, even a murder. Bremmer combines his efforts with Smith trying to get round Davidson. Who is going to discover the Lost City before others? And who, for Gods sake, is the Phantom? Get these questions answered immediately! The Phantom serial is a free online channel you can access anytime to tame your appetite for adventures. Subscribe today!