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The Mystery Squadron

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Produced by Mascot Pictures its an impressive black-and-white serial which narrates the story of the foreman Hank Davis and his two companions who worked on the dam project. Suddenly, the dam was attacked by an enigmatic pilot named the Black Ace who has already pulled together a group of pilots. The Black Ace and his Mystery Squadron are aimed to destroy the dam. But whos that sinister leader? Even pilots of squadron dont know their commander. However, its quite obvious that he is the mastermind of each attack, and if he will be exposed the violence will be stopped. While watching this exciting story it could seem that the secret of the Black Ace will never be disclosed. Hiding somewhere in the mountains, these dangerous and cunning pilots are literally subtle. See whos going to defeat them and unearth a secret of the Black Ace and his Mystery Squadron. Captivating story line, vintage airplanes, and good acting will bring you the cinematographic delight. Watch all parts!