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The Green Hornet Sequel

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Come in, sit back, and load another captivating part of the Green Hornet exploits in 15 episodes. In case you are unfamiliar with the gist of this film, we will give you a short synopsis of it. Meet the Britt Reid a rich publisher and his loyal servant Kato, they are trying to stand against the various racket dealings of the ruthless lord of the local criminal world named Boss. He is utterly powerful and arouses fear at all citizens. Every time the Boss crosses the line of justice and does hurt to peaceful innocents, the Green Hornet comes out from nowhere to be the veracious vigilante. The duty of our good hero is to prevent the crime or even revenge for defenseless. Surely, the plotline is as old as the hills, though its always important to know that justice has been met! Lose yourself into the retro atmosphere! Enjoy dialogues, costumes, and exquisite manners of those times. Load any chapter for free and go over again your favorite moments or episodes any your convenience. Dont miss it and click to watch now!