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The Green Hornet

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Grab a perfect chance to enjoy a serving of the fabulous vintage serial, the Green Hornet! Originally a radio series, The Green Hornet movie has become the American classic put next to the far-famed Universal cinematic entries of the mid-1900s. In case you are missing out on the plot, we are here to give you a fill-in. Britt Reid, a newspaper publisher, and his Korean manservant Kato spotted a couple of the apparently separate crimes. Driven by the intent of fighting crime, the two get disguised into a vaunted gangster and his henchman. Such a bold venture inevitably leads them into a never-ending conflict with The Leader, who happens to be the idea machine behind the criminal activities of The Syndicate. So, where will the next zig take our heroes? Will they be able to confront The Leader and entangle his criminal schemes? You can get a deeper insight right now! Check out our free 24/7 channel, The Green Hornet, storing all 13 episodes in the original quality. If you are out of time, stop the sance and return later your viewing progress will be saved. Discover the adventurous spirit of two gentlemen and become a part of this enthralling journey.