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The Death Valley Riders

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The Death Valley Riders serial will tell you about the dark times and life hardships that happened in California during the gold strike. In the spotlight of the story, there is a group of vigilantes who had a serious job to do because guarding miners in that situation was the highly risky venture. The leader Jim Benton gathered his riders Tombstone, Pancho Lopez, Smokey, Borax Bill, and Tex to fight against the dubious Protection League. This dishonest union strives to appropriate the hefty claims in the Panamint region. The riders have to counteract the League and bring back peaceful times. The story is filmed in the best traditions of good westerns including glorious views of those lands, cowboy horseracing, and diligence hauntings in the Death Valley. Follow every chase scene and every gunshot to know whos faster and stronger! Explore more goings-on in every chapter of this adventures story.