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World's most authoritative information on the Tesla sciences and advanced energy research by the actual pioneers of the modern-day Tesla movement, started by A & P Electronic Media. Experts include Eric P. Dollard, the only man since Tesla to have replicated Tesla’s wireless transmission systems as well as demonstrating the transmission of signals through counterspace - Peter Lindemann, co-founder of A & P Electronic Media is a world renown educator on Tesla as well as a researcher and developer - John Bedini, inventor of the Bedini SG Energizer, which is the most replicated “Free Energy” circuit in the world - Jim Murray, a master of the Tesla sciences who cracked Tesla’s power amplification methods and applied them to a four quadrant based AC circuit, which produces nearly 50 times the amount of work on the output compared to the input and no laws of physics are violated contrary to common misconceptions – Paul Babcock, a gifted electrical engineer who developed a motor that overcomes Lenz’s Law so it has no Back-EMF, it produces 300% the amount of mechanical work compared to the electrical input – Aaron Murakami, co-founder of A & P Electronic Media, the world famous Energy Science & Technology Conference and Energetic Forum, the leading open source Tesla science forum, personally mentored by the above pioneers is the author of The Quantum Key.