Developer : Nas Banov


Roku application

Tangram is a classic dissection puzzler, where seven tiles (called "tans") are used to form different figures ("tangrams"). Little is known about the history of the game. Scholars assume it originated somewhere in the Orient. What we know for sure is that when it was introduced from China to Europe and North America some 200 years ago, it sparked a gaming craze (akin to Rubik's Cube in the 80s). Played passionately by many as entertainment, educational or mathematical tool, tangrams boost shape recognition, problem solving and pattern design skills. To complete a puzzle, move and rotate the 7 geometric shapes to put them together - like a jigsaw - and cover completely the target outline. Sometimes there is more than one possible solution. Compatible with all 3xxx and 4xxx models (Roku 2 HD/XD/XS, Roku Streaming Sticks, Roku 3 and "2015 Roku 2"), as well as #2400 ("2011 Roku LT"). Does not require a "game enhanced" remote.