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Welcome to TalentWatch. Hosted by Alyssa Jacey, an international singer-songwriter and recording artist, TalentWatch introduces you to exciting music artists from around the world. Watch emerging artists performing their original music in the beginning stages of their career. Imagine watching Bruno Mars performing as a young kid with his family band. Or seeing Taylor Swift's first video before she raced up the pop charts. TalentWatch will entertain you, but more importantly this show will open doors for music artists who deserve more exposure. Every episode features music artists currently flying under the radar. You'll see singer-songwriters, bands and artists on the verge of breaking out from the pack. How do we find our diamonds in the rough? We let music fans take the reins, giving everyone a fair shot to be on our show. Join us each week as we bring you the best undiscovered music artists from around the world. It's time we decide who deserves to be discovered.