Developer : JFXIA

Sound Reason

Roku application

The long established patterns of faith are changing, not just in the USA, but slowly across the World; traditional religion is increasingly finding itself being challenged by skeptical thinking, secularism, and atheism.The Sound Reason channel makes accessible on the Roku a representative sample of the best internet audio podcasts from the skeptic and freethought movement -- the funniest, the most thought provoking, the most educational, the most lively...The intended audience includes non-believers wanting to listen to a wider range of views from within the freethought community, and believers wanting to test their faith against counter arguments. The included podcasts range in style from panel discussions, to debates between believers and non-believers, to phone-in shows, to opinion pieces. Episode topics may include such things as counter-apologetics, philosophy, morality, politics, and education. Because occasionally content may include controversial subjects (such as pro-life / pro-choice debates), parental guidance for young children is advised.