Developer : Infinite Monkey LLC

Poppin Casino

Roku application

Poppin Casino THE ONLY MATCHING GAME THAT BREAKS THE MATCH 5 BARRIER! Now with 30 LINE SLOTS! Match 6 or 7 and be rewarded with a pack of Firecrackers or a Roman Candle. Quick to pick up but hard to put down. Tired of the slow, can't make a move until the animation stops, matching games? Poppin Casino is a fast paced matching game that you just can't stop playing! Challenge yourself to think fast and make the moves that collect a treasure chest of coins! You'll experience powerful bonuses, challenging levels, super smooth game play and a built-in 30 LINE Slot Machine! Match 3 or more colorful slot wheel objects to trigger a shower of spinning sparkles cascading into unlimited animated chain reactions. Match 5 or more to be rewarded with a slot machine bonus that you can use right away or save for FREE Spins on the 30 Line Slot. Why not use one to hit the JACKPOT and win 50000 points? Tempting, ....I KNOW! Or you could choose to change your matching destiny with the free bonus piece slot. Use it to get that perfect piece or to put the awesome power of TNT in your finger tip to BLAST the grid to bits! My favorite. Poppin Casino is addictive fun that you can play for a few minutes or all day long. It's a game witnin a game within a game! No connections required. No initials to enter or logins to remember. Just NON STOP POPPIN FUN! A challenge for all ages. For questions about Poppin Casino, please contact us at