Developer : Fluff Stuff Studios


Roku application

Winner of Pocket Gamer's Big Indie Pitch at AppsWorld, 2014! "POLYGANIC mixes together shades of Geometry Wars, an endless runner, and an arcade dodge-'em-up to great effect". (Pocket Gamer) It is an addictive twitch dodge 'em up based on shapes and colour where obstacles must be avoided to survive. The twist? The player doesn't control the polygon, but moves the obstacles instead! Features: - A new 'side' for the endless runner mechanic! - Collectable coins, 'near-miss' multipliers and psychedelic visuals. - 8-bit graphics with high intense chiptune. - Unlockable shapes, modes and more. - Play it your way (featuring left mode, etc). Reflexes will truly be tested as the polygon flies with a manic mind of it's own. Levels will increase in difficulty, speed, colour and more depending on the shape and how many sides it has, so navigating each level won't be easy. Better 'shape' up!