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Mystery stories and Detectives

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Something happened! This is the beginning of every detective movie. Have you already guessed whos the criminal? Who falls under your suspicion? Usually, there is a mysterious incident in the center of the storyline which pulls the chain of events. On the one hand, detective carries out an investigation and on the other the criminal tries to cover up traces of his fault. Who you fancy, the bad guy or the main hero? There will be a lot of questions in this kind of movies. You can access the big collection of mystery films and watch the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, confusing detective stories of Agatha Christie. In case, you are the fan of Alfred Hitchcock, you can discover his classic suspense-thrillers and hundreds of other captivating stories on our Mystery stories and Detectives channel. If youre in the loop, enjoy adventures and investigations in the detective stories of all times. And if you were the first who unveiled the secret congratulations, you are a congenital detective! Press play and rack brain, you wont feel bored. Developed by RokuNinja