Developer : Timeless Television

Miss Misery's Movie Massacre

Roku application

Spend the night with Miss Misery if you dare as she takes you through those awful yet awesome B Movies! Miss Misery is one hell of a hot, sexy, Axe loving Demon. That’s right, this half Demon, half witch can tell you it isn’t easy being weird. Her father; a very highly overrated Demon named Lord Baal (one of the 7 princes of Hell) wed Adel Young, a beautiful witch who had powers beyond anything you can imagine. Miss Misery is one of four children. Being brought up in hell there wasn’t much to do for her but watch horror films, The Twilight Zone, and Creature Features. She was never that psyched about helping take over hell. All she wanted to do was have her name in lights and blood. As she got older she realized she wanted to come to earth and take over the world. Born in 1983 in a small town in Hell called Stake Town she learned how to use every different weapon known to man from her One eyed purple neighbors. But the Axe was always and will forever be her favorite torture device. That and smashing people over the head with a Guitar.