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Military Chronicle

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Historical Films, Military Documentaries/Movies. A Military Chronicle Of ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE And MARINES. US History Of Combat On Land,Air And At Sea. The US Military As Documented By Military Cameramen. Military videos of military history details including the Big Picture. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. This is real history not , "rewritten history". Veterans who served tell their story for all to learn. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill Visit for more details about additional videos. This channel is dedicated to veterans who have served in the military. It is my hope that those who take a knee when the national anthem is played will view these videos of veterans who have been wounded or died so they in their ignorance could do so. The flag of the US deserves our respect and all our veterans of whom I am one. Because of 10,025 new installs in last 3 months Nov 07- Jan 08, that were free, the cost of maintaining this channel has vastly increased therefore it is necessary to compensate for this change by including a monetary charge of $3.99 a year to cover the cost of maintaining this great military channel. New military videos will be added every month as a bonus. Military Chronicle Channel was produced by