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Maija . Misadventures In Comedy. Comedienne Maija Di Giorgio documents her climb back to the top and all of the controversy that comes with it. After her first film (which exposed more than some people wanted) and her comedy career were fearfully shut down by folks in Hollywood, Maija is back in the game. Go behind the scenes with her as she tackles comedy and a new feature film, and watch as she butts heads with the best while she builds the Hollywood Outlaw Network, a new platform by and for artists. Then follow her as she travels cross-country, performing everywhere from back room clubs to the best theatres in NYC. Watch groundbreaking performances in NYC’s best clubs and see your favorite comics as they are off stage through the eyes of one of their peers. Maija, while trying to put her own career back together, shows you the hilarious and bizarre underbelly of the comedy world that only a comedian has access to.