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The Loretta McNary show is taped live in front of an audience; on the Red Carpet, in the Studio and On Location at various local and national locations. The show continually receives the highest ratings, compliments and accolades from our guests, studio audience and TV viewers; their most consensus replies have been Your show needs to be shown in every city. The show has style and class, and it is so funny! You are such an inspiration. The Loretta McNary Show intentionally and strategically shares and emphasizes for our audiences all that is purposed, positive and possible through hard work, educational, entertaining and empowering. Lorettas target audience is women 25 54 years old. We know that most household decisions are made by women whether they are a stay at home Mom or a corporate executive. We work diligently to keep our shows current and diverse in every aspect, especially as it relates to our topics, guests, staff and audience because we know if we are successful, so are our communities! All shows are family-friendly!