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Since 1974 Living Scriptures has been helping families lay a strong foundation on the scriptures and Church history through beautiful and exciting entertainment. This foundation has helped millions love and better understand the scriptures and in turn the Gospel. We are excited that with streaming we can take this mission to millions more at a time when negativity, violence, and immorality saturate the media. We hope your family enjoys these wonderful films that bring a good atmosphere into the home and teach good principles. We've found that children who consistently watch these stories learn the scriptures by heart and develop an enthusiasm to retell them — sometimes even acting them out! Many families have loved using them for Family Home Evenings and on Sundays to replace other media. These films work best when parents are nearby to answer and ask questions and let their children know the truth of these stories and the Gospel. We are grateful for your investment in your family and confident that you will see the good impact they will have in your lives. Sincerely, Jared F. Brown