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Kit Carson Stories

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Rejoice, the treasure hunters and gold diggers, as today your cravings for adventure will finally come into their own! Are you ready for a real quest, full of danger, challenge, and risk? Then get out your equipment and gear up because this one is going to be terrific! Join Kit Carson and escort a large shipment of gold. Coming straight from the government, this mission is marked as top-secret. Kit Carson leads a pack train across the Wild West, when all of a sudden the wagons are attacked by Kraft and his Mystery Riders. Carsons henchman Matt Fargo is able to hide the treasure from the unwanted guests, but thats not the end. Now, Kit Carson is obliged to withstand the gang of Mystery Riders and impede them from stealing the gold. Would you like to assist him and save the situation? If yes, then go visit our creation Kit Carson Stories, a free movie channel storing 12 episodes of the Fighting with Kit Carson serial. The movie is choke-full of action, adventure, and drama. Enjoy the unexpected twists and turns, as well as the illustrious acting of Johnny Mack Brown. Subscribe to our channel while the episodes are still hot and take the best out of adventure movies in just one evening!