Developer : KHRecordings

KHRecordings Player

Roku application

KHRecordings Player is designed to assist congregations of Jehovahs Witnesses to connect elderly and infirm members to meetings. The recordings are recorded (and broadcast live on supported devices) and on a listen back basis using high sound quality recordings available for up to two weeks. KHRecordings provides a service to allow Kingdom Halls the means to record their meetings into accessible MP3 files that can be used by brothers and sisters locally to either listen live to the broadcast or to listen again. You can access the high quality audio of KHRecordings in different ways: You can just type in the web address, click play on the broadcast you want to listen to and go! You can download the KHRecordings Player App and enjoy listening from the comfort of your own smart device (Apple iOS Devices and Roku Streaming TV Devices currently supported)