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Interfusion TV

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Interfusion; to mix, fuse together, blend, mingle. Interfusion TV is all about dance music, EDM, techno, trance, and DJs. From behind the scenes to independent music videos; Interfusion TV is a music entertainment channel for the independent music professional and dance music fan base. Interfusion Television takes a new look at the dance music industry. With on-location events, DJs, behind-the-scenes, one-on-one interviews and more; Interfusion TV is dance. Interfusion TV is interactive and gets much of its programming from viewers and industry artists and DJs. Users can submit videos at the network's website ( ). Interfusion TV is also about industry roundtables, workshops and seminars. Discussing industry topics like the business of EDM, dance music and events. It's a network where viewers can participate no matter where they are. Interfusion TV also has an annual event every October called Interfusion Music Summit ( ). This is where fans, artists, DJs, producers, venue promoters get together and perform and discuss the industry. This is a 3-day where everyone is welcome.