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Imam Hussein 3

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IMAM HUSSEIN TV acts as an interface between Muslims in general, Shi’a Muslims in particular, and non-Muslims to remove the misconceptions people have about Islam and the faith of Ahlulbayt (a.s); by providing a true and quality media alternative for Muslims residing in the west. Throughout all of our tasks, we seek to help Shi’a Muslims succeed within the west in all aspects of life, as well as succeeding in educational and spiritual fronts. Indeed, youth nowadays are in need of accessible content to educate them in fields of jurisprudence, daily issues and rulings, basics of doctrine, along with ethics, traditions of our Imams (a.s) in English. This major and very important role has been taken on by IMAM HUSSIEN TV 3, hoping that we bring somewhat service to the Muslim Nation. IMAM HUSSEIN TV’s most important task is the fast production of high quality programs in various fields. With producers spread throughout the globe, from the United Kingdom, London, to USA, Dearborn Michigan and Washington DC, across to Denmark, Copenhagen and Canada, Ottawa; while placing maximum effort to gather footage of events and an archive of lectures delivered by respected scholars internationally. If you’re willing to contribute to your account in the hereafter, trusting that Imam Hussein (a.s) shall never forget your good deeds, then why not donate?