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Holt. Jack Holt

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The eternal antagonism of cops and criminals is even more uncompromising when displayed on a big screen. Which side are you going to take? Would you like justice to prevail or let the robbers escape? We are pretty much sure about the answer never ever would you do that. Jack Holt, the Secret Service agent, wouldnt either. Remember the old-school serial Holt of the Secret Service? In this 15-chapter black-and-white screening the courageous and charismatic officer along with his partner, agent R49, is given a top-secret mission. They must stop a gang of counterfeiters, which have kidnapped the best engraver working for the U.S. government, John Severn. Being held against his will, the poor man is forced to print fake money no one could detect. Throughout the 15 chapters, agent Holt had countless close calls; however, every time he makes it out alive without even a speck of dust on his impeccable business suit. Are you curious about what happens next? Then watch all 15 episodes of this exciting sound serial, available in the original quality on our free channel. Great adventures await you right around the corner. Become a part of the subscribers community today and never miss a single episode!