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All the programs of CH HappyDog are designed by special teams of consultants made up of renowned professors and researchers, and produced by audio and visual specialists and TV producers with more than 17 years of experience. Visuals: Based on guidelines that are designed specifically from the viewpoints of dogs. University researchers of animal behavioural psychology participated in the production to come up with various concepts, color schemes and camera angles. Audio: Based on guidelines provided by experienced animal trainers and researchers to include a variety of recorded sounds, special effects, music and specially produced sounds such as particular frequency sound designed for dogs specifically to bring peace and rest. Special teams of consultants for CH HappyDog Professor Lee Woong-jong Characteristics of Dogs in Animal Behavioral Psychology Research, Yonam University Professor Hee-Myung Park, D.V.M, PhD. Department of veterinary medicine, Konkuk University Professor Chul Park, D.V.M, PhD. College of veterinary medicine, Chonbuk National University Professor Byeongteck Kang, D.V.M, PhD. Veterinary Medical Center, College of veterinary medicine, Chungbuk National University