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Global Christian Network GCN

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Global Christian Network (GCN) is an evangelical Christian television ministry founded by the will of God for His glory and to spread the Gospel to all people across the globe. In an era in which media have brought the world closer than ever, a television ministry plays a vital role and its impact is undeniably great. The time is ripe for all Christian broadcasters to come together and spread God’s Good News for mankind, the love of Jesus Christ, and the news of the fiery works of the Holy Spirit.GCN is an evangelical Christian television ministry designed and established to magnify God the Trinity and to deliver the Gospel to all mankind. It is spearheading an effort on a global scale in producing and transmitting Christian-culture contents, thereby invigorating other Christian television ministries and helping that one last soul to return to the path to salvation. By continuously providing high-quality contents, GCN has already become a subject of adoration by its viewers and partners alike.