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The thriller always has the intrigue. Its also called the suspense film. Even if there are no secrets and mysteries, the viewer can feel the tension and get really nervous. Most thriller lovers like these film for the strong psychological effect. However, such films are well-known for the difficult storyline and the interweaving of different genres. Adventure, horror, detective, action, and fantasy films can also be related to thrillers. While watching the film you can feel the ice cubes slowly sliding down your spine. If so the movie is truly good. Horror thriller can make you feel scared just like the main hero, whos been chased by something terrifying. This is how it should be the episodes of such movies should stick into your mind and leave an unforgettable aftertaste. The masterpieces of Hitchcock and Tarkovsky became the classic and must watch movies. Be sure, it is worth watching. See other classic thrillers from our selection. We gathered only the adrenaline-inducing films. View our Free Thriller Movies channel!