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Free Sci-Fi and Horror Films

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While your alter ego craves a good-old horror movie, your brighter self might want a retro science-fiction masterpiece. In fact, why swaying between the genres when you can choose both? Our video library encompasses the cinematic creations from the early 1900-s and up to the golden age of sci-fi and horror production. Are you ready to rock this movie night? Its right about time! Welcome to Classic Horror & Science-Fiction Movies, a free channel storing a stockpile of cinematic marvels! Who would resist a sci-fi movie marathon coupled with popcorn and punch? The Amazing Mr. X, The Ape, Frankenstein, Night of the Walking Dead, Carnival of Souls pick anything you wish for tonight. Some movies are black and white, whereas the others are color the choice is entirely yours! Whats good about this old-school film channel is that it lets you recall the moments you have lived years ago, when a movie just came out. Scroll down our list of entries to select the suitable option to watch. Almost forgot make sure to bring down the volume, as some horror films are really gross! Classic Horror & Science-Fiction Movies is a gateway to dozens of retro movies, vintage silent films, and masterpieces of the cinema golden era. The movie range on our channel masterfully combines the elements of horror and science fiction, suggesting you the very best examples of genre entertainment. Wow, it seems like youre about to have a movie night