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Frazer Media Ministries at Frazer UMC in Montgomery AL houses a 24-hour TV station and several online internet delivered television outlets. Frazer exists to love God and love people. We want to offer you the opportunity to find hope and follow Jesus. Our content includes family friendly original programming, a variety of worship services, Bible studies, concerts, musicals, and fun videos. If you're curious about our programming or have other questions for us, you can always contact us at or on twitter @frazerumc. If you can, be sure to join us for our live programming on sunday mornings at 9:30am and 11am for our Traditional and Contemporary worship services at (all times are central daylight time) Frazer UMC is a community of Christ-centered believers who share seven values: 1) Jesus is first. 2) God's word defines our worldview. 3) Life is better together; growth happens in groups. 4) Everyone matters everyone ministers. 5) People invite people. leaders multiplay leaders. 6) How we treat the poor and powerless is how we treat Jesus. 7) We want each member to say, "My lifelong purpose is to love God and love people." That's us in a nutshell. For more info, including even more videos, podcasts, mission blogs, and plenty of other resources, visit