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There are too many voices from too many Christian denominations to decipher, so we've decided to cut out the middle-man and study the Bible on our own in search for answers to our questions. The Bible can speak for itself because it breaks through the dense fog of all that is called religion. In 1995, when I was 20 years old, I prayerfully ventured out for the first time to make my own purchase of a Bible to find answers to serious questions. I was totally unprepared for the shocking discoveries that were waiting for me or how they would affect me personally for the rest of my life. The Bible isn't just a book written by a bunch of guys who started Judaism and Christianity, but it's an actual tool created by God Himself to communicate directly to the people of His creation. I am fully convinced and can honestly say that the Bible IS INDEED God's Living Word to the entire planet Earth as a whole, but then personally and individually to those whom He calls, His Own. I'm not a prophet. I don't have any doctorates in theology. I've never attended seminary and I have no allegiances to any particular Christian denomination. I'm strictly a believer in God's Word and everything it teaches because God Himself has proven that He supernaturally prepared it, He continually preserves it and through it He speaks to all those who are willing to listen. There isn't a single question that I've ever had that it didn't address to my satisfaction and believe me, I've had lots of tough questions.