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For the Life of the World

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A moment of honesty for Christians out there: have you ever wondered what your Salvation is actually FOR? Is it just to get to heaven? Is it so we can have a “friend in Jesus”? Is it even just about us? For the Life of the World: Letters to Exiles is an invitation to explore the scandalous and beautiful story of God’s plan for the whole world. It starts with this key question: what is our Salvation FOR? How does it affect every part of our existence? With a supreme cast of thinkers and doers, including Stephen Grabill, Amy Sherman, Anthony Bradley, Makoto Fujimura, Dr. John Perkins and original music by JARS OF CLAY, FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD: LETTERS TO THE EXILES paints a bigger, more captivating picture of Christianity’s role in the world. If you love your church - or even if you’ve given up on it - this series is for you. Genre Educational Documentary Starring Evan Koons, Stephen Grabill, Amy Sherman, Dwight Gibson, Anthony Bradley, Makoto Fujimura, with original music from Jars of Clay. Directed By Eric Johnson and David Michael Phelps Written By Stephen Grabill, David Michael Phelps, Evan Koons, and Stephen Pell Produced By Brett Elder, Stephen Grabill, David Michael Phelps, Gabe Berghuis, and Ross Vande Waa Contact Info Website