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Flaming Frontiers Strips

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When was the last time you reveled in a high-profile cliffhanger that had been keeping you on tenterhooks? Can barely recall one? Then give a shot to Flaming Frontiers, another momentous screenie starring Johnny Mack Brown. This time the valiant character Tom Grant discovers a rich gold vein and Bart Eaton is gunning for it. Though no one knows the exact location of the gold fields, the intruders are brought there by accident following Toms sister every step of the way. Eaton then joins hands with Ace Daggett, who intends to betray him and grab all the gold for himself. Together, they twist the facts accusing Tom of murder and force him to sign over the claim. However, the Brown family is being helped out by the eminent scout Tex Houston, who goes all-out to bring Toms good name back. Are you hooked by now? Check out our free channel, Flaming Frontiers Strips, dedicated to this vintage cliffhanger by Universal Pictures. Chase, drama, and challenge this is the mix youve been craving for! Enjoy all 15 chapters in the original video and sound quality at no cost at all. Pay for your popcorn, not movies!