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Fit2B Studio

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Fit2B Studio is an online fitness portal with members worldwide that provides unlimited access to almost 100 wholesome workouts for the whole family. Our family-friendly focus keeps things modest, safe and fun for all ages. We are passionate about standing in the gap for those who have been led to believe that they will always look pregnant or will always leak when exercising. We are here to let people know how to heal their split tummy muscles while offering ways to workout if you have a gap in your gut. Fit2B Studio is radically different from any other fitness provider - not only because we don’t do crunches or sit ups - but mostly because our founder, Bethany Learn, is no run-of-the-mill instructor. She is a real-life mom who believes you can see proper form demonstrated without seeing a bunch of skin. Bethany holds a bachelor of science degree in Exercise and has been working in the workout world for 18 years. Yet she speaks in layman terms with no unexplainable terminology or screaming, and she teaches from her home straight to yours. She works hard to monitor current research to ensure that our moves are natural, TummySafe™ and easy to apply to your everyday real life. We avoid moves that are unsafe for those with abdominal traumas like diastasis recti, hernia, C-section, as well as pelvic floor issues. Our TummySafe™ focus teaches the proper alignment and daily awareness needed to increase overall body strength and tone. For more information, visit today!