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First Fruits of Zion brings you amazing teachings from the world of Messianic Judaism. Without sensationalism and hype, we bring the church credible and reliable Messianic teachings in the form of books, discipleship programs, and commentaries on the Bible from a Messianic Jewish perspective. The First Fruits of Zion television program delivers a high-energy, professional presentation of the prophetic aspects of the Gospel message from a Messianic Jewish perspective. Every episode opens new insights into the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth with end-times implications. Kingdom-focused and Jesus-centered, this is Messianic Jewish teaching at its best. It will encourage Christians to go deeper in their personal relationship with the Jewish Messiah. If you are looking for spiritual growth and serious study resources, get started with First Fruits of Zion today. Find out more at, join us on Facebook at and Twitter at @followffoz