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War movies are definitely the most impactful films. You cant be detached watching those dramatic scenes of fighting for freedom and fairness. War movies are usually based on the true stories that took place in world history. This fact makes them even more impressive. Were sure youll admire the fearless hearts of those brave men and their deeds. How undefeated was their faith in victory despite the cruel times and terrible life! You will be breathless and wordless, watching those episodes. They are the true patriots who wanted to defend their motherland, families and the future of their children. Its hard to believe that once it was real and some people had to pass through tears and pain to see how the good triumphs over the evil. They didnt want to be heroes but their country honored them with medals and eternal gratefulness! Spectacular battles, courage, and self-sacrifice of warriors will stay in your memory. Epic episodes, good actors, and glorious soundtracks are the classic features of war movies. Explore the collection of war movies on our channel and enjoy the finest films and magnificent historical events.