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Dr Alex TV

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Dr Alex TV is the business opportunity channel, focused primarily on how to present and promote your products and services on the Internet. This includes both the marketing and the technical aspects. Topics discussed are: traffic and lead generation, customer acquisition, all about mailing lists, affiliate marketing, product launches, outsourcing product and content creation, and running promotional campaigns. When it comes to technical matters, all aspects of launching and managing your website are covered. One of the key topics is WordPress as the free and well supported content management system for your website. If you are new to WordPress, you will find the whole set of tutorials here. If you are a seasoned WordPress user, you will find the in-depth discussion on the plugins, themes, add-ons and services to help you lift your business. Of special interest are the interviews with the industry leaders who run successful Internet-based enterprises. They share their frustrations and hurdles they had to overcome, and the key strategies that they use to bring the traffic to their websites, convert the leads into customers, and do the repeat business with them.