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Don Winslow of the Navy

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Don Winslow of the Navy is a story of a brave US commander who came to the island of Tangita in Pacific near Pearl Harbor to investigate a strange string of events. He discovered a group of enemy agents who prepared the diversion and aim to impact the warfare. It all started when the American ship with supplies was torpedoed. The ships cargo was intended for building a new military base. Obviously, the enemy country wants to throw a spanner in the process and destroy the project. Our commander has a stiff task to solve in order to protect the military positions of the US and liquidate the saboteurs. Accompanied with three assistants he sets out to neutralize the enemy. The mission is to ward off the invasion on the territory of the island because the hostile forces plan to allocate the submarine base beneath Tangita. The story is utterly interesting! Moreover, this serial was rated as one of the best of that era and really deserves your attention. In addition, the black-and-white video performance gives the finest sense of that good old times darkens of the war. Enter the channel to watch all chapters!