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Dog Kingdom

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Every dog needs to be trained, and they're much happier when there's a structure in their life. Find out about the best methods to train your dog - and what are the best strategies depending on the dog breed. Every owner has at least one fascinating story about their dog to share, and sometimes you really need to see it to believe it. Watch the amazing stories about dogs and their owners. To every dog owner, the health of their pet is an important issue. To be healthy, your dog needs the right food, the environment that stimulates, and exercise. Their digestive system is different to ours. Find out about what dogs can and cannot eat, what's best for them, and how vets can help if they fall sick. Not all the dogs are kept as pets: some heard the sheep, some save lives in the mountains, some help the blind... working dogs take their duties very seriously. Watch them in action. Sometimes dogs can be a nuisance, and the range of behavior can be anything from non-stop barking to going after the mailman to all other kinds of mischief. What can you do to turn things around? Watch some cool tips and how they made the difference. Dogs can be very different in nature and behavior, depending on their breed. Find out all about dog breeds, and which one might be the best for your family.