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Documentary and Animation

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Are you fond of history, technologies, and inventions? You like to know how things appear, become popular and how it changes the world? Documentary films will tell you the true story and give you more facts about the matter. You can explore the all-embracing impact of momentous events on the humankind via the Ace Documentary and Animation channel. Perhaps you admire some famous person and want to learn more about his or her life history? Maybe you want to know the whole story about flying to the Moon, the first human in space and other space researches. Another genre you can find on this channel is the Animation. Best cartoons and comics created by the leading artists and animators. The masterpieces from the Walt Disneys collection, tales and superheroes are here to make you happy and send you back to the childhood for a couple of hours. Indeed, there is something magical about these stories and many generations grew up watching that wonderful tales. Find the best for you!