Developer : Baldz

Demented Hits

Roku application

When I was in young a friend and I would meet at his house or at my house and we would listen to the "Dr Demento" show for two and a half hours every Sunday night. No matter what was happening on Monday, we had a blast on Sunday night. There isn't much of an outlet for music like this any more, unless you seek it out. Here you've found it. Demented Hits is a library of the songs that are warped just a bit beyond the normal. Not all of them are hits, but they are fun to listen to. There are not a lot of us who understand this music but we can grow our ranks by spreading this channel around. Enjoy laughing with Spike Jones, who, according to one source is the "Man who murdered music". Be proud that you know all the words to "Beep Beep" the little Nash Rambler who could, by the Playmates of course. Listen to the story of Bernard Cribbins and how he handles the advice of a pompous, busybody while he is digging a hole. Find out that there never was a Purple People eater, but there is a purple people, eater. Just listen to the words, you will understand. This channel will be constantly growing and getting better starting off with a few but hopefully growing to several hundred songs. We will be adding albums of some of my favorite artists, and with your feed back we will be adding yours too. Just a while every day, kind of like exercise will help you to cope with the day to day grind. Have a demented music party, invite your friends and spread the cheer.