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Civilized is a lifestyle network that embraces and explores modern cannabis culture. We create content for the millions of adults who choose to enjoy cannabis responsibly sometimes with friends instead of drinking alcohol, to unwind after a stressful day at work or just to think more creatively. They enjoy it and choose to use it. Some of them hide it. Some of them don't. Frankly, we don't see much of a downside when cannabis is regulated and enjoyed responsibly. They are executives, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, teachers, students, politicians and artists. They are couples and they are singles. They come from all walks of life. Many are raising kids. They are bright, creative, hardworking people. They are in towns, cities and neighborhoods everywhere. They are us. They might be you. At Civilized we might be lighthearted and funny but we believe the underlying conversation on this important subject can and should be smart. And healthy. And positive for our communities. We are Civilized. Welcome. You will find us engaging, entertaining, enlightening, motivating and as often as possible, all of the above.