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Chapters of The Clutching Hand

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The amazing exploits of the Clutching hand consists of 15 episodes on the same-name channel. Its a true thriller with silent gloomy gentlemen, retro cars, and investigation. Whats in the plot? An incredible invention of talented scientist, money issues, detectives, extraordinary solutions, and of course, the mysterious Clutching hand. After Dr. Gironda created a formula of gold, he attracted a lot of attention to his persona. Surely, this formula allures the criminal world and Girondas foes. And then the doctor disappears. No one knows who kidnapped him and where is his notebook with a unique formula. Doctors family and friends are confused, trying hard to find him. as it was stolen before his vanishing. Here comes the Clutching hand a powerful and crafty character with a secret identity. His intentions and plans are concealed and unexpected, making heroes watch out. Weve gathered all chapters on this channel so that you can watch every part in one place and unveil all secrets and tricky plans of each character. Watch and enjoy!