Developer : Chaneru Inc.

Chaneru Rev2

Roku application

Chaneru 2.0 is a Roku application that uses UPnP discovery to detect and utilize media servers on your local network. Create slideshows and playlists for playback on your big screen TV and audio center. Chaneru 2.0 is a Roku application that provides the UPnP discovery capability for any media controller on your local network. Works with variety of media servers that are available and work with Roku through Chaneru. This allows access to files from your Mac, Windows, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and your Roku's USB drive. Chaneru is a comprehensive solution to provide you with access to all your photos, music, videos. All of your media files can play on your TV and stereo system with their associated artwork. With just a couple of clicks, you can play that video from spring break or slide show of the trip you took last summer on your TV and stereo with the background music of your choice. Chaneru provides a client application for Mac and Windows that acts as a web server for your media and is fairly simple to run.