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Captain Marvels Adventures

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The Adventures of Captain Marvel started back in 1941. The story tells about the group of archeologists which came to make a great discovery and to find an ancient artifact inside of the hidden tomb. This Golden Scorpion has a great power so its incredibly important it to be owned by an honest and devoted person who will protect it from malicious intentions. The Powers decided that the young guy Billy Batson will be the best candidate for this mission. The wizard endowed him with an enigmatic power that makes him the guardian of the idol. So now he can transform into Captain Marvel and defeat the Scorpion and dont let him lay hands on scorpion idol. Of course, the goal of the criminal is the classic one to control the world. You can watch what happened next on our channel. Many viewers approved that this video serial adaptation of the comic book is really worthwhile and rated it as 10 of 10. This is your portal to all the 12 chapters of the Captain Marvels adventures. The access to the bundle of series is free and the load is fast. Enjoy!